Zenith Solicitor’s NMC legal team provide specialist legal representation for nurses and midwives who are facing NMC fitness to practise investigations, interim orders, disciplinary hearings, or disciplinary investigations by their employer. Our experience includes defending;
  • Hospital and community-based nurses and midwives;
  • Practice nurses;
  • Nurses in private practices;
  • Nurses employed by nursing homes.
Our NMC legal team work tirelessly to ensure that a nurse or midwife, and their PIN number, are robustly defended. We have a proven track record of successfully defending medical professionals in hearings from the Nursing & Midwifery Council and we care about each outcome.

How much does legal representation cost for nurses and midwives cost?

We are happy to offer nurses and midwives an initial free telephone consultation so feel you can contact us with confidence and without obligation. If you then want to instruct us to defend your NMC investigation, you will find that we are transparent about our fees from the outset.

How can our NMC legal team help a nurse or midwife who’s under investigation?

From the outset of an investigation the Nursing & Midwifery Council, we will agree with you a clear defence strategy. We will take a proactive approach, to secure you the best possible outcome. Drawing on our extensive experience of NMC investigations and proceedings, we prepare robust defences where allegations are denied. Where necessary, we will present the Nursing & Midwifery Council with compelling mitigation on your behalf.

We have extensive experience of representing nurses and midwives who have been referred to the Investigating Committee for an Interim Order Hearing. We will fight your corner to ensure that you are given the best prospect of being able to continue to work during the NMC’s ongoing investigation.

Throughout an NMC investigation, our experienced solicitors for nurses and midwives will provide you with specialist legal representation. We understand the stress you face when you are subjected to an NMC investigation and the consequences for your career, reputation and personal life.

What if I am the subject of a criminal investigation by the police as well as an NMC investigation?

We have a multi-disciplinary team, comprising of lawyers for nurses and midwives and criminal defence solicitors. Our team are experienced at representing nurses and midwives in police station interviews and before the Magistrates or Crown Court, should an investigation proceed that far.

We understand the significance of a criminal caution or conviction for any nurse or midwife. We will work tirelessly to defend your case, ensuring when we defend the criminal investigation, we will not jeopardise the NMC’s investigation.

Can I avoid an NMC hearing?

The Nursing & Midwifery Council have what they refer to as Consensual Panel Determinations, which avoids the need for a full fitness to practise hearing. However, a Consensual Panel Determination is only usually possible when the nurse or midwife accepts all of the allegations and also agrees that their fitness to practise is impaired.

We have had success with persuading the NMC to engage with Consensual Panel Determinations, whereby we have agreed on the appropriate sanction with the nurse or midwife and the NMC. There is then a short NMC hearing for a Panel to formally approve the agreement.

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