We understand that decisions made by government and public bodies have far reaching and serious commercial, financial, organisational or personal consequences, and that it is vital they are correctly made. When things go wrong, we can help you consider or make a judicial review claim to ensure such decisions are fair, lawful and rational, and do not infringe on EU treaty or human rights.

Judicial Review

Judicial review is the process by which the courts can challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies. For example, it could mean challenging a Coroner’s verdict, a decision made by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, a decision by the CPS, or a decision made by the Ministry of Justice on eligibility for compensation claims for miscarriage of justice.

Zenith Solicitor has a long-standing and successful record of taking on such cases. We passionately believe public bodies should be held to account when things go wrong. Our specialist expertise means that often we can persuade public bodies to reconsider before cases even reach court. However, we have fought and won judicial reviews which have been vigorously defended by the authorities.

Our experience of judicial review ranges from high profile cases to very many less well known, but no less complex or important cases. We judicially reviewed the decision (by the Director of Public Prosecutions) not to prosecute anyone for the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Subsequently the investigation into the death was reopened and in January 2012 two men were convicted of his murder.

How can we help?

We are known as a leading firm for bringing judicial reviews and we explore every legal avenue to overturn unfair decisions. Our solicitors have particular expertise of challenging decisions, procedures or failure to act appropriately, in these instances:
  • Coroner inquest verdicts
  • IPCC decisions and investigations
  • Local authority policies and procedures
  • Breaches of Human Rights law
  • Poor quality healthcare in prisons
  • Challenging decisions on compensation for miscarriage of justice
  • Prisons and Probation Ombudsman decisions and investigations
  • Failures to prosecute or investigate crimes
If there is a decision you want to challenge, it is important to act quickly. There are strict time limits for launching a judicial review, usually within three months, although in some cases the review must be brought sooner. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can help.

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